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Anneke Steenkamp is a full time freelance writer, social media manager and copy creative. When she's not typing away at client content she's spending time with her pet dog, Zoey.

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Facebook for social media marketing 683x1024 article

Promote Coach - How To Connect With Your Audience Online - Social Media 101

An astounding 91% of brands are using multiple social media platforms to reach their audience. To connect with the right people, you need to be where they are and make your presence known.

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How To Take Your Online Marketing Offline

Maybe you feel that some of your online networking connections could become the ideal offline connection or even friend. Making the switch from online to offline doesn’t need to be a brain teaser. Just follow these tips:

O us uk ca facebook article
The Huffington Post

How to Set Up and Manage Your Software Development Team

Building a software development team can be as tricky as assembling Marvel's Avengers and managing the Hulk's anger. You have to try and find balance between individuals that are both creative and logical and most of the time highly opinionated.......

Starting your coaching blog 768x512 article

The 7 Benefits Of A Coaching Blog

Blogging is all about online communication and engagement. While your website is a good starting place for people to get information about your business, a static page won’t create connections or encourage conversations.

5 tech tools plain article

5 Tech Tools To Take Your Studying To The Next Level | Strive Academics

We believe that using the resources and tools at your disposal is just as important to your success as the knowledge you learn. That’s why we want to provide you with the best arsenal to achieve your goals.

Image012.png 900x520 article
Business 2 Community

5 Steps To Mending A Broken Relationship With Your Customer

5 Steps To Mending A Broken Relationship With Your ...

Freelance budget article

Host1Plus | Budgeting Tips for a Freelance Business Professional

This article will cover some of the ways in which you can budget and plan ahead in order to be a successful freelance entrepreneur.

Pexels photo 88476 large %282%29 article

My Take On Live Video Marketing for Shy Entrepreneurs - The Joy Of Unemployment

The recent rise of video marketing on Social Media platforms have left me feeling quite anxious. I totally understand the appeal and tremendous influence that video marketing has as a part of your social strategy. Your following wants to get a glimpse into the lives of the ‘real’ people behind the brand.

Tumblr na06qttq101tubinno1 1280 article

Envato Studio Blog - 50 Free Resources for Business & Entrepreneurs

Bootstrapping a new business doesn’t need to be hard work. There are thousands of free or cheap tools out there to help you manage projects, increase you and your team’s productivity, manage your marketing efforts, communicate with customers and inspire you to move forward.

Screen shot 2015 03 09 at 8.51.46 pm article

How to Offer Customer Service Within a Mobile App

As businesses, we should always have our ears on the ground to gather the wants, needs and complaints from our audiences. That’s why Live Chat customer support is so popular.

361110 article

Press Release | Byte Orbit's 'Squabbl' finalist in Best Mobile Gaming category of the MTN App Awards 2016

It's with great pride that we want to share the success of one of our latest project. Squabbl made the finals for the category 'Best Mobile Gaming' at the 2016 MTN Business App Awards.

How video marketing can help your seo efforts article

How Video Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts

The practice of search and research has been changed quite a bit over the last few years. Where it used to be extremely difficult to find video content, with blended search, it is now a complete different ball game. And it seems that many small businesses aren’t aware of the tremendous influence video marketing could have on your SEO ranking.

Bpold article

10 Incredible Logo Designs From The Last Decade

Narrowing down the best logo designs from the last decade is almost an impossible task, but it’s worth the try never the less. Us creatives love to be inspired by what is going on in the industry. Many times we’re influenced by our idols and sometimes we manage to create something entirely ground-breaking. This article will take a look at some of the most incredible logo designs from the last decade:

Stressed student article

Natural Ways To Deal With Exam Stress

Dealing with stress and anxiety during exam preparation is crucial for success, well-being, and overall academic performance. Let’s take a look at a few ways in which you can deal with exam stress naturally:

Wordpress article


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