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Anneke Steenkamp is a full time freelance writer, social media manager and copy creative. When she's not typing away at client content she's spending time with her pet dog, Zoey.

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Website Copywriting - David Zinyama | Art Director & Consultant

I was responsible for creating the website copy for this client.

Wordpress article


Finding the right website builder comes down to a number of things. Whether you are planning to create the website yourself or ask a professional to manage the tasks, some website builders are highly ranked than others. This article will show you more about WordPress vs Squarespace and share reasons why you should opt for a WordPress website.

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Promote Coach - How To Connect With Your Audience Online - Social Media 101

An astounding 91% of brands are using multiple social media platforms to reach their audience. To connect with the right people, you need to be where they are and make your presence known.

Starting your coaching blog 768x512 article

The 7 Benefits Of A Coaching Blog

Blogging is all about online communication and engagement. While your website is a good starting place for people to get information about your business, a static page won’t create connections or encourage conversations.

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Envato Studio Blog - 50 Free Resources for Business & Entrepreneurs

Bootstrapping a new business doesn’t need to be hard work. There are thousands of free or cheap tools out there to help you manage projects, increase you and your team’s productivity, manage your marketing efforts, communicate with customers and inspire you to move forward. Check out our roundup of free resources to help you and your business succeed – without breaking the bank. 50 Free Resources for Business & Entrepreneurs

Gooddesign article


First impressions most definitely last; especially if it comes to the conversion rate of your business website. Good design is a crucial component of business branding. A brand is in place when a business is recognized by its literal and visual display. In essence, a brand cannot be separated from the logo and corporate design associated with it. Good design creates the ‘feeling’ that the owner wants the buyer or client to experience.

Diy article


It might be rather tempting to create your company’s online branding by making use of a free website builder, but we explore some of the reasons why doing this might lead to more trouble than good. Before embarking on the DIY web design journey, consider the following reasons why you shouldn’t use a free website builder for your company website.

Male tutor and student article

Strive Academics - 9 Revealing Signs You Need a Tutor

If you take a look at your academic performance, there might be a few signs that are showing you that you are in need of a tutor.

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Byte Orbit - Standard Bank's Shyft Global Wallet app: An international success - Byte Orbit

At Byte Orbit we like to involve ourselves with industry experts, companies and thought leaders that aim to disrupt current market perceptions. We primarily take on projects that we know are aligned with digital and technological growth, focused on providing solutions to everyday problems with the potential to change the way we engage, interact and develop in this ever changing environment.

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Aarding - 10 Ways to Reconnect Yourself With the Earth

Disconnecting with the earth isn’t something that just happens overnight. The disease of busyness is taking the world by storm, and we have a million excuses for this disconnect. Reconnect with the earth to keep yourself grounded, balanced and confident. Appreciating the beauty and wonder of nature is your bones; but if you’ve forgotten how we’ve compiled a list of ways to reconnect with Mother Nature:

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The Huffington Post

How to Set Up and Manage Your Software Development Team

Building a software development team can be as tricky as assembling Marvel's Avengers and managing the Hulk's anger. You have to try and find balance between individuals that are both creative and logical and most of the time highly opinionated.......

Female student and teacher article

How to Prepare for Your First Tutoring Session | Strive Academics

Investing in a tutor is investing in your future. There are a variety of options to suit you or your child’s needs. Choose between online tutoring services or a one-on-one tutoring session in the comfort of your home.

Things to consider when filming a video testimonial article

Things to Consider When Filming a Video Testimonial

So you’ve decided to start featuring video testimonials as a part of your content strategy, but now what? There are certain things to consider when filming a video testimonial, and this article will help you take into account these considerations.

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Business 2 Community

5 Steps To Mending A Broken Relationship With Your Customer

5 Steps To Mending A Broken Relationship With Your ...

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Web Copy and Copywriting Client

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