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Anneke Steenkamp is a full time freelance writer, social media manager and copy creative. When she's not typing away at client content she's spending time with her pet dog, Zoey.

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Aarding - 10 Ways to Reconnect Yourself With the Earth

Disconnecting with the earth isn’t something that just happens overnight. The disease of busyness is taking the world by storm, and we have a million excuses for this disconnect. Reconnect with the earth to keep yourself grounded, balanced and confident. Appreciating the beauty and wonder of nature is your bones; but if you’ve forgotten how we’ve compiled a list of ways to reconnect with Mother Nature:

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Signs That You've Lost Connection with Your Source of Well-Being ...

Sometimes, we just don’t feel in sync with who we are and what we aim to achieve. It could be as simple as an overflowing schedule, new responsibilities, difficult life events, a personal relationship or neglecting yourself. If a few of these signs are manifesting in your life it might be a sign that you are disconnected with your source of well-being. But don’t worry - you can tap into the energy you need and realign yourself whenever you choose to do so.