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Anneke Steenkamp is a full time freelance writer, social media manager and copy creative. When she's not typing away at client content she's spending time with her pet dog, Zoey.

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Press Release | Byte Orbit's 'Squabbl' finalist in Best Mobile Gaming category of the MTN App Awards 2016

It's with great pride that we want to share the success of one of our latest project. Squabbl made the finals for the category 'Best Mobile Gaming' at the 2016 MTN Business App Awards.

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Byte Orbit - Standard Bank's Shyft Global Wallet app: An international success - Byte Orbit

At Byte Orbit we like to involve ourselves with industry experts, companies and thought leaders that aim to disrupt current market perceptions. We primarily take on projects that we know are aligned with digital and technological growth, focused on providing solutions to everyday problems with the potential to change the way we engage, interact and develop in this ever changing environment.

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Byte Orbit Press Release | How a balanced company culture improves productivity - Byte Orbit

When their voices are being heard, they are more likely to communicate their needs in a professional manner, and also - be innovative and come up with new ideas.

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Byte Orbit | Why innovation is important for tech and design companies

Innovation has become the buzzword in the field of tech and design, and although most companies are using it in their web copy and social media engagement. it's important to understand exactly what it means in business terms.
The Business Dictionary gives us a clear explanation: